It is not an exaggeration that the Word program in the Microsoft office package is the most popular among users from various countries. There is nothing special about this, since many people have to work with texts on a daily basis, and the functionality of simple text editors is not enough for this. For example, a very useful feature is automatic spell checking, which allows you to create texts with almost no serious errors.

Novice users are frightened by the number of functions in Word, but in practice it is far from necessary to study all of them; tools from one or two tabs are quite enough to solve certain problems. For example, a relatively small number of Microsoft office users create layouts in Word or use the review tools.

The same can be said about the “Links” tab, which even students rarely use when writing essays. We add that in addition to the main keyboard shortcuts known to many “Ctrl”+”A”, “Ctrl”+”C”, “Ctrl”+”V” and a number of others, in Word you can set your own keyboard shortcuts for frequently performed operations, which is very comfortable.

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