It’s no exaggeration that Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint program is one of the best in many ways for creating presentations of varying levels of complexity. The presentation can be one slide or several. For example, a slide created in PowerPoint could be an announcement or a poster. Presentations from several slides are created in a variety of cases, including teachers to accompany lectures.

Despite the huge variety of tools, among which it is necessary to single out all kinds of effects, it is possible to deal with PowerPoint on your own very quickly. But still, it is worth dwelling on some nuances separately. For example, many users are frustrated by the basic palette of text and background colors in standard themes. Fixing this is easy – you need to go to the “Design” section and click on the “Colors” icon, an extensive palette of colors will be offered, available for use in the presentation.

It should also be noted that there is no need to change the font separately for each slide. You just need to go to the “Design” section and choose a font theme, or make your own. If a special font is required on a separate section of the text, then you need to select it and apply the desired font. Many users have already made sure that PowerPoint is completely suitable for creating the best presentations!

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