Now the Microsoft office suite of applications familiar to many users is officially called Microsoft 365. Of course, not only the name has changed, in Microsoft 365 you can easily create and share your results with others, thanks, among other things, to cloud storage provided completely free of charge. The updated Microsoft 365 combines useful applications in different life situations on one convenient platform. Security have also been improved, taking into account the threats that now exist.

Of course, in Microsoft 365, all applications have received improvements and updates. In fact, this should not scare those who have previously worked with applications in Microsoft office at all. Since the updated applications have not changed their main purpose and functions, but only improved their interaction and added new options that many users lacked before.

Among the new apps in Microsoft 365 is Microsoft Family Safety. This application will help protect your family and friends. For example, in Microsoft Family Safety, it is possible to track geolocation, and at the same time receive notifications when family members leave home, come to school or work, and much more. In addition, using this application, parents will have a unique opportunity to know how their children spend time on Xbox, Windows 10 computers and Android smartphones.

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