In fact, despite the fact that Windows 11 has the free Microsoft Defender Antivirus, for no small number of good reasons, it is not uncommon to want to disable it. One of these reasons is that it consumes a lot of computer resources, as a result of which the use of other programs, example office program, causes problems and difficulties. An easy way to disable Defender in Windows 11, but with some effort it is possible to cope with such a task and learn about it from the article.

Disable Windows Defender with Autoruns

There are several ways to disable Defender in Windows 11, including using the special Autoruns utility, which is now available for free.

1. First of all, you need to download the latest Autoruns utility for Windows 11

2. Extract all files from the downloaded file to your computer’s hard drive

After that, in order to disable the current protection, you should take a few steps and then boot the computer in “Safe Mode”, but everything is in order:

1. It is necessary through the “Start” to go to “Settings”

2. In the settings we find on the left “Privacy and security”, on the right select “Protection from viruses and threats”

3. Turning to the “Virus and threat protection” section, click on “Manage settings”

4. The switches “Protection in real time” and “Protection against unauthorized access” are moved to the “OFF” position

5. To transfer the computer to “Safe Mode”, you will need to find the “System Configuration” section through “Search” and go into it

6. Here we select the “Download” tab in order to change the parameters

7. At the bottom, check the box for “Safe Boot”, while the “Minimum” mode will turn on automatically

8. To confirm changes in the parameters, click in the following sequence: “apply” and “ok”, reboot the computer

9. The computer will be loaded in safe mode, now in the Autoruns folder we find the Autoruruns64.exe installation file and start it

10. During the installation process, a window with a license agreement will appear. He must agree with him by pressing “agree”

11. Now in the Autoruns window we go to the “Service” section

12. Initially, the services of the Windows 11 operating system are hidden to change this, we go into the “Parameters” and at the “Hide Windows” point, we remove the checkmark

13. Scrolling the list down Find the WinDefend line, and remove the box so that Microsoft Defender does not start every time after rebooting the computer

After that, you can close Autoruns, and almost everything is ready to restart the computer in normal mode, but you have to take a few steps:

1. Through the search, finding it on the taskbar, we collect the “system configuration” and go into this section

2. In choosing the type of boot, put a tick on “Normal startup”

3. It remains only to click “Apply” and “OK” so that you can reboot the computer in normal mode

We add that after the done actions, you should check the result:

1. You must go to the settings and go to the “Privacy and Security” section then pay attention to “Protection from viruses and threats”

2. It is important to make sure that the status of “No actions needed” is established under the section “Protection from viruses and threats”

We highlight that you can’t press the icon, otherwise Defender in Windows 11 will be neglected again!