There is no need to talk about the fact that the free Microsoft Defender antivirus installed in the Windows 10 operating system does not satisfy all the needs of modern users, since quite a few have already seen this from their own experience. Therefore, it is understandable why they want to install another antivirus on the computer. At the same time, many questions arise, among which: will Windows Defender antivirus conflict with the new program office activator, and perhaps it should be disabled before installation?

How to disable Microsoft Defender antivirus using third party solution?

In practice, when you install new antivirus programs on computers, in most cases Microsoft Defender is disabled automatically. Consider the example of installing the popular effective antivirus program Bitdefender:

1. We go to the official website, to the download page of the free Bitdefender antivirus and start the process of downloading the installation file

2. After downloading the installation file, run it, in the process a window with a license agreement will appear, check the box “I read and accepted the Subscription Agreement” if you agree with the terms

3. Click “Install”

At the end of the installation and after starting the program, the operating system will detect it and automatically disable Defender in Windows 10.

In order to make sure that there are no conflicts, you need to do the following:

1. We go through the “Start” and find “Windows Security”

2. Going to the “Windows Security” section, click “Settings” at the bottom

3. In the settings we find the parameter “Manage providers”

Pay attention to the “Antivirus” subsection – Microsoft Defender must be permanently disabled.

Thus, it is enough to install a new antivirus so that Defender in Windows 10 turns off forever automatically!