In fact, the second most popular program from the Microsoft office suite is Excel, which is used by ordinary users, just like companies and enterprises. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that allows you to format, organize and calculate data using formulas.

Using Excel simplifies the solution of a variety of tasks, which without this program would have to spend a lot of time. Excel provides a large number of fields, called cells, arranged in rows and columns. The necessary data is placed in such cells, before that, formulas for them are created. An important circumstance is that it is quite possible to create formulas of almost any complexity.

To date, a huge number of detailed reference books on formulating formulas in Excel are offered, so it is quite possible to deal with them. It must be said that the convenient Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program is now available for various operating systems, not just for Windows, in particular for macOS on a computer and laptop, for iOS and Android on mobile devices. You do not need to buy a license for Excel separately, it is activated together with other programs included in the Microsoft office package.

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