Is the everyday life of the vast majority of modern people a huge number of tasks that need to be successfully dealt with? But how not to forget or lose sight of anything, especially if you have to communicate with many people? This is where Microsoft Outlook is guaranteed to be useful! This program has absolutely everything you need in order not to forget anything: a task planner and a calendar, an electronic notebook and an email client, and in other words, everything to keep your finger on the pulse of your own life. Therefore, without exaggeration, we can say that this is one of the most useful programs from the Microsoft office package.

However, it is worth saying that often in this program they mainly use the Outlook mail client, and this is not surprising. After all, this program provides a lot of tools that are not available in the web versions of popular mail services. For example, in Outlook it is quite possible to use several accounts of various mail services at once, which will be simultaneously checked for new messages after a specified period of time.

Also among the features of this program can be called: a preview of letters, search folders, delayed delivery. In addition, it must be said that Microsoft Outlook provides the ability to open multiple windows at the same time. This functionality is in many cases very valuable.

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